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The factory was established in 2005 and Soloking Guitar was established in 2015. Its purpose is to provide customers with high-quality musical instruments at affordable prices.

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Shucheng Jite Yule Products Co., Ltd.

Soloking Guitar was founded in 2015, the factory had already been completed and began manufacturing musical instruments in 2005. Our aim is to provide customers with quality musical instruments at affordable prices.
Our team adheres to the professional spirit and pays great attention to the experience of timbre and feel. The wood and hardware used in Soloking guitar are carefully selected and strictly controlled by the team.
Excellent craftsmanship and workmanship, comfortable playing feel is the standard of Soloking Guitars is also our characteristics!
Whether your music style is vintage or modern, blues or metal, fusion or nuclear, we believe there is a Soloking Guitars for you. At the same time, we are constantly developing new products. And a limited number of products are launched every year to meet the needs of collectors.
The current best-selling models are MS-1 and MT-1, which are unanimously recognized by musicians, guitarists, enthusiasts, guitar collectors and guitar enthusiasts around the world.
If you are already a holder of Soloking Guitars, we are honored to have your support and welcome you to join the Soloking family!

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